ECU Diagnostic’s for Cars & Vans

Snap-On Modis Edge Diagnostic Tool

Our technicians, trained in control unit diagnostics, combined with constantly updated diagnostic equipment allows us to diagnose faults with your vehicle.  By accessing the fault codes and live data within the computer systems in your car we can quickly find what is causing any issue that you may have.

Car ECU Diagnostic Testing Stafford

As the vehicles we drive get new features, increasing their usability, the electronic control systems within them have become more complex.  The BMW E60 5-Series, released in 2003, famously had more computing power than the Apollo 11 space shuttle which sent Neil Armstong and Buzz Aldrin to the moon and Moore’s Law has shown no sign of slowing down in the past 15 years.

Car ECU Diagnostic Testing Rugeley

The number of functions that are controlled by ECU’s in a modern car is astounding.  From the expected, like the engine, to the unexpected, like the motor which moves your seat.  This increased connectivity means a fault which used to take hours to find can now be diagnosed in minutes, saving you labour costs.

ECU Diagnostic Testing Stafford

Like reading a newspaper written in a different language, the fault codes and live data taken from your ECU are only useful if you can interpret them.  Our technicians have undertaken diagnostic training, allowing them to spot when a fault code is pointing at 1 component but the issue is being caused by another.

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