MOT Testing for Motorbikes, Cars & Light Vans in Stafford and Rugeley

Ensure that your vehicle meets the minimum roadworthiness requirements with an MOT Test from Haywood Garage.  Based in Little Haywood, between Rugeley and Stafford, our garage is perfectly located to MOT test your motorbike, car or van. We are authorised by DVSA (formerly VOSA) to conduct road-worthiness tests (commonly called the MOT) on motorbikes, cars and vans (up to 3,000kg).

Our friendly testers will conduct a fair test on your vehicle to ensure that it is safe for road use.

Book Your MOTMOT Testing Stafford

Class 1 & 2 Motorbike MOT

Motorbike MOT

When it’s time for your motorbike’s yearly MOT Test, make sure you visit us at Haywood Garage for an impartial check of your motorbike.

£29.65 (No Retest Fee)

Class 4 Car & Van MOT Test

Car MOT Testing

When it’s time for your car or van (up to 3,000kg) MOT Test, give us a call at Haywood Garage.  Our recessed ramp and brake roller tester are perfect for cars with minimal ground clearance and our friendly testers will look after your vehicle like it is one of their own.

£49 (No Retest Fee)

MOT Test FAQ’s

What is the MOT Test?
The MOT is a road-worthiness test introduced by the Ministry of Transport (hence the name MOT Test) in 1960. Over the years the number of items tested has increased from the basics (brakes, lights and steering) through to the test that we have today which includes exhaust emissions, tow bar electrics and even the fuel cap

Can my car/van fail because of a defective rear wiper blade?
No, the rear wiper blade is not a testable item.

Can my car/van fail because the spare tyre is bald?
No, the spare wheel is not a testable item, it would be an advisory.

Can my car/van fail because the front fog lights aren’t working?
No, the front fog lights are not a testable item, only the rear fog light is.

Can my car/van fail because the reverse lights aren’t working?
No, the reverse lights are not a testable item.

The MOT on my vehicle has run out, how do I get it to you?
You can drive directly to a MOT station for a pre-booked test without MOT or Tax (but you must have insurance). You can also drive it to a place of repair or home if your vehicle fails.

Does an MOT mean my vehicle is in a fit state?
No, the MOT is restrictive in terms of what we can inspect, for instance we are not allowed to remove any items during an MOT test and very little is inspected in terms of the engine. You should not consider an MOT as a replacement for servicing your vehicle regularly.

How soon can I book in for an MOT?
You can book in for an MOT anytime, however this doesn’t mean that it will continue from your expiry date. Your vehicle can be tested up to 28 days before it’s expiry date and the new MOT will continue from that date. In these circumstances your MOT will not be void if it fails, however your vehicle will be deemed “not fit for use” and you could be fined if using it.