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Car & Van Tyres Using our state of the art tyre changing and wheel balancing machines we can fit tyres to wheels from 10" to 24", up to 13" width including Michelin PAX system.  Contact our team for a competitive quote for replacing tyres on your car, van or caravan for all-season, winter or summer tyres from a range of premium, mid-range and budget brands. Winter Tyres Winter tyres are designed not just for increased grip in snow, but all weathers when the temperature is low (below 8 degrees).  Using both a softer compound rubber and more tread grooves, winter tyres are a worthwhile investment during colder months. Puncture Repair If your tyre has a puncture then it doesn't necessarily mean that a replacement tyre is needed.  Depending on the current condition of the tyre (tread depth & age) and the location of the puncture we can repair your existing tyre.

Puncture Repair from £18

Michelin PAX Tyres Introduced in 2000, the Michelin PAX system is a revolutionary run-flat system used on a variety of cars from Bugatti Veyrons and Audi, BMW & Mercedes armoured cars to the Renault Sceni [...]
ECU Diagnostic's for Cars & Vans Our technicians, trained in control unit diagnostics, combined with constantly updated diagnostic equipment allows us to diagnose faults with your vehicle.  By accessing the fault codes and live data within the computer systems in your car we can quickly find what is causing any issue that you may have.As the vehicles we drive get new features, increasing their usability, the electronic control systems within them have become more complex.  The BMW E60 5-Series, released in 2003, famously had more computing power than the Apollo 11 space shuttle which sent Neil Armstong and Buzz Aldrin to the moon and Moore's Law has shown no sign of slowing down in the past 15 years.The number of functions that are controlled by ECU's in a modern car is astounding.  From the expected, like the engine, to the unexpected, like the motor which moves your seat.  This increased connectivity means a fault which used to take hours to find can now be diagnosed in minutes, saving you labour costs.Like reading a newspaper written in a different language, the fault codes and live data taken from your ECU are only useful if you can interpret them.  Our technicians have undertaken diagnostic training, allowing them to s [...]
Motorbike MOT Testing in Stafford & Rugeley
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Vehicle Maintenance & Repair Based in the heart of Staffordshire, between Stafford & Rugeley, is our fully equipped garage for all of your vehicles maintenance and repair needs.  We have on-site MOT testing facilities for cars, vans (up to 3,000kg GVW) and motorbikes.  The latest diagnostic, tyre changing & balancing equipment. Car & Van MOTMotorbike MOTServicingTyresDiagnosticsRepairs
MOT Testing for Cars & Light Vans in Stafford and Rugeley When it’s time for your car or van (up to 3,000kg) MOT Test, give us a call at Haywood Garage.  Our recessed ramp and brake roller tester are perfect for cars with minimal ground clearance and our friendly testers will look after your vehicle like it is one of their own.

£49 (No Retest Fee)

MOT FAQ's The MOT is a road-worthiness test introduced by the Ministry of Transport (hence the name MOT Test) in 1960. Over the years the number of items tested has increased from the basics (brakes, lights and steering) through to the test that we have today which includes exhaust emissions, tow bar electrics and even the fuel capNo, the rear wiper blade is not a testable item.No, the spare wheel is not a testable item, it would be an advisory.No, the front fog lights are not a testable item, only the rear fog light is.No, the reverse lights are not a testable item.You can drive directly to a MOT station for a pre-booked test without MOT or Tax (but you must have insurance). You can also drive it to a place of repair or home if your vehicle fails.No, the MOT is restrictive in terms of what we can inspect, for instance we are not allowed to [...]
Rent a Large Van in Stafford or RugeleyWhether you are moving house, your kids are heading to university or you have a long overdue tip run, our van hire service available throughout Staffordshire is designed with you in mind. Our vans have been used by the residents and businesses of Stafford, Rugeley and the surrounding areas for everything from moving a piano to standing in for a company vehicle which is down for repair.Our Vans for HireOur van hire fleet comprises of MWB high-top Ford Transits, representing an excellent compromise between being big enough for your load and being easy to drive for someone not used to driving a van. Known as the “Backbone of Britain”, the Ford Transit has been a cornerstone of the UK’s economy.UK Insurance (£1,000 excess payable) 150miles/daySat Nav Additional Drivers European InsuranceUK Driving Licence (you must be aged between 25 and 75 and have held your licence for 2 years with less than 6 points) 2 Utility Bills from the last 90 Days DVSA Check Code –
Cheap Car Rental in Rugeley, Stafford and the surrounding areasIf you are looking for car hire in Stafford or Rugeley then get in touch with us at Haywood Garage. We have superminis and family hatchbacks available to rent, all perfectly suited for exploring the county of Staffordshire and further afield. We are based in Little Haywood, conveniently located between Rugeley and Stafford which allows us to serve the 2 towns and surrounding villages for all of their car hire needs.Our Cars for HireWhen hiring a car you are looking for something dependable, with all of the features you need. At Haywood Garage we offer 2 classes of cars, superminis for people who are looking for a small car to zip around the local area and family hatchbacks which have more space and provide comfortable transport for 4 adults and their luggage. All of the cars on our hire fleet have 5 doors, ensuring easy access for the passengers and Bluetooth telephone connectionUK Insurance (£1,000 excess payable) 150miles/daySat Nav Additional Drivers European InsuranceUK Driving Licence (you must be aged between 25 and 75 and have held your licence for 2 years with less than 6 points) 2 Utility Bills [...]
Calor Gas & CampinGaz in Rugeley & Stafford Haywood Garage is a stockist of both Calor Gas and CampinGaz bottles, conveniently located in the village of Little Haywood between Rugeley and Stafford.  If you don’t currently have a CampinGaz or Calor Gas bottle we can supply you with one and sort out the rental agreement.  If you have an empty bottle already, we can swap it for a full one for you.Whether it’s for a BBQ in the summer, a heater for the winter or for your caravan if you’re taking a trip in to the countryside, we are here to help you.Below you can find the bottles that we stock and the current refill and new bottle prices.  We always recommend that you contact us to make sure that we have the bottle you need in stock to save you making a wasted journey.  Give us a call on 01889 883088 Calor Gas Refill: £18Rental & Refill: £57.99Refill: £19.99Rental & Refill: £59.98Refill: £25Rental & Refill: £64.99Refill: £24Rental & Refill: £63.99Refill: £28Rental & Refill: £67.99Refill: £38.99Rental & Refill: £78.98Refill: £45Rental & Refill: £84.99Refill: £45Rental & Refill: £84.99 CampinGaz Refill: £31.99Bottle &am [...]
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